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Bath Towels: An Ultimate Guide For Your Everyday Comfort

Bath towels stand as essential items in every household. While their significance is widely recognized, not everyone is aware of how to distinguish quality towels. You don't need to worry as we're here to guide you through their importance and help you make informed decisions when purchasing towels.

Towels are an integral part of our daily lifestyle. From waking up to the dawn, we use towels. We use them for drying our body after washing our hands and face. Nothing can beat the absorbent quality of a good cotton bath towel. If not for the towels, our living places would be a mess.


Like other investments we all made for the insurance of our comfort, picking the appropriate towel set should also be on the list of priorities. Towels made from premium quality would remain fluffy and soft after every wash, will not shed, and will get dry fast. This quality will prevent bacteria and molds from growing in them. 

The Importance of Quality Bath Towels

Some people believe that towels are just mere bath accessories, and there is nothing like a good quality towel effect on performance and a bad quality towel effect on the daily routine. However, they are wrong. Quality cotton towels enhance your bathing experience and elevate your mood to start your day with positive energy. Using a quality bath towel is also an investment in yourself and counts as self-care.

Beyond the aspect of self-care, bath towels are also a necessity for personal hygiene, they absorb moisture from the body which could lead towards some serious health issues. Quality bath towels indeed give you a luxury feel with their softness, comfort and plushness. However, they hold the power of quick drying that prevents you from curbing bacterial growth and skin irritation.

Understanding Towel Materials

The article published at mico-cotton clearly states that the best towel is the one that has one hundred percent cotton in it. That indicates the towel has long fibres, which increases towel softness, durability and absorbent. Let us discuss some of the best materials for the bath towels. 

Terry cloth

It is a fluffy kind they are extra thick bath towels. The tiny loops of twisted thread make it highly absorbent because each loop of twisted thread creates a large surface area to assist in liquid absorption.

Turkish towel

Turkish towels are not plushie kind. They are thin and called bath sheets. They are travel-friendly, easy to dry, and absorb less water but are durable. These towel are also named as gym-towels or hand towels.

A Honeycomb 

Its various honeycomb layers offer a refreshing rubdown after a shower, and efficiently dries appreciation to its texture that acclimates airflow. 

Factors Influencing Towel Purchase

We understand that it is very important to have a bath towel that gives you a luxurious feel, But how to choose the right towel for your needs is the next question. some main factors that impact your towel purchase.


Size is just a small word but can affect your whole bathing experience. ensure that you buy the towel that suits your needs. Nonetheless, Large-size bath towel offers more comfort and coverage for their seeker.


Weight is one of the main factors that affect your day. Absorbency depends on the weight and density. Heavy towels often absorb more but take significantly longer time to dry. The balanced-weight towel will work more efficiently.

Price and Personal Preference

These two Ps can have more weight in affecting your choice. The price you spend is an investment, but being in the budget is also important. There also exists a budget-friendly option that fulfils all the checkboxes. For our UAE audience, we have ROBUST LTD there you can find quality towels in your range. 

Personal preference is the one when you are ready to spend. It sometimes depends on the surfaces that feel likeable on your skin. Dye and creation should go with your aesthetic and lavatory decor: white towels or gray bath towels. If you have an aesthetic mind luxury white towels are best.

Tips for selecting the right bath towels
  1. To reckon comfort, sense the towel's surface before buying.
  2. Ensure quality By checking reviews or asking for guidance.
  3.  To enhance their absorbency you need to wash towels before use.
  4. For hygiene and quality, replace your towels regularly.
Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance are very important when you aim to increase the lifetime of your towels. There are some points to keep in mind when washing towels and in daily use. these tips are very friendly to your budget. The details of these points are in the other article. 

  • Make a consistent washing schedule according to the use of the towels.
  • Wash the same type of towel together if you want to maintain the texture and the softness. every type has a different care strategy.
  • Use mild and light detergents to prevent the destruction of the fibres of the towels.
  • Fabric softeners are not in the care of towels they can reduce the absorbency of the towels.
  • Water temperature often affects the life of your towel. Hot water and cold water are not recommended but warm water is in the recommendation. 
  • Turn your towel use to disperse the fray evenly. This prevents towels from being overly worn and analogized to the others.
  • Occasionally, the sun dries them to maintain their freshness and annihilate smells. Because sunlight contains anti-bacterial properties.
  • Apart from all the tips following the care label is most important.


Experience the comfort and luxury in your bathing routine with our exclusive Bath Towels. These towels are made from 100% combed cotton and a dense 600 GSM, ensuring effective moisture absorption and feeling dry and comfortable after every use. These towels are 70 x 140 cm in size.

These bath towels are the perfect fit for any household, whether time is of the essence or not. So, these fluffy towels are always ready to be used. These bath towels are designed to provide a luxurious touch to your skin, offering a spa-like sensation whenever you wrap yourself up.

At Robust, we ensure that our quality bath towels are soft and durable. It would be best if you experience luxury and comfort with our bath linen products. So, why wait? Buy our premium bath towel set now!

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