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Key Points to Consider when Buying a Yoga Mat

A high-quality yoga mat can enhance your motivation and workout quality. These exercise mats are used for yoga, stretching, or floor exercises. It is beneficial due to their ability to provide balance and support during your workout. These mats make your workout more productive and comfortable. It should be durable, relaxing, and environmentally friendly. Use this guide to choose the best yoga mat for yourself.

The continuously growing tree of yoga has its roots deep down in Indian culture. This practice has a visible impact on the body and mind. Yoga is not just about bending your body; it has various forms encompassing physical postures, breath control, meditation, and ethical principles. From the late 20th century, yoga started gaining popularity around the globe, and in the mid-21st century, we saw everyone accepting it as a practice that benefits your physical and mental state. Yoga has now become an exercise practiced worldwide and is also very famous among the societies that work on people's physical and psychological well-being.

There was a hurdle in practicing this technique at that time because there was a shortage of approved equipment for yoga, Which is solely the yoga mat; we all know every human being is built differently, and their needs are also different, but the size of the mat was standard, thickness and textured weren't suitable for all. However, now we have evolved to the extent that a complete market study about the yoga mat is available within your approach. This article briefly explains the best standards and how to choose the best yoga mat in the UAE. Here are some critical points to consider when buying an exercise mat.

Importance of Thickness of Yoga Mat 

The mat's thickness has a visible impact on your practice, so mats come in different widths, lengths, and forms. Before discussing it, let's discuss the standard thicknesses available in most places. Most yoga mats' standard thickness ranges from 1/8th to 1/6th inch, approximately 4mm to 6mm.

Inadequate Cushioning

These measurements are standard for those with experience with yoga and are very familiar with its poses. This standard thickness is not meant for beginners because it does not provide sufficient cushioning for the starters and creates discomfort and pressure in the body parts as they practice different poses.

Thicker Cushing

Thicker cushioning is very important for everyone, especially for beginners; it helps them focus on the poses and themselves rather than focusing on the pain and create a positive experience. With the soft surface underneath, you can build strength and flexibility fast. Thick mats provide comfort and support and make adapting to change more manageable.

Finding the Right Material and Size

This point is very crucial when you are buying anything. It would help if you studied the material when buying the mat that is specific for yoga. Let's dive into the brief guide.

Material Selection

The material selection should be from a practical perspective, and your primary focus must be texture and grip. When you focus on the mat's material, you automatically focus on how it will give you the right texture and the grip needed for the stage you are in when practicing yoga. Your mind must be clear about what you need for stability during practice. 

As described above, the yoga mat has thickness depending on which stage of yoga you stand on. If it is the first stage, your mat must be thick, and its thickness reduces as you achieve higher levels. This is also the case with the material because the material also impacts the practice and overall experience.

 Another important thing to remember when buying a yoga mat is that it should be easy to clean. Some mats have material that never lets the dirt be cleaned.

Environmental Consequences

Global warming is natural. We should do what we can to protect our planet. Check the material used in the making because harmful materials are used in making yoga mats. We should opt for eco-friendly materials that have a less negative impact on the environment and its sustainability. 

Skin Sensitivity

The mat you use for the exercise contains the story of your success and failure and absorbs your sweat, oil, and tears. So, the mat material should be easier to clean. To prevent the irritation that may come with a package of successful yoga practice.

The Right Size

Yoga mat has the standard size measurement that every vendor follows. That is mainly why you will get the exact size, but where there is a will, you can still pick some options according to your needs. The mat should be selected according to the height and physique of a person. You choose a mat that gives you the space for your hands and feet to be on the mat while doing certain yoga positions. 

However, that is entirely different from the intention if you are small but would like to have the extra space or your yoga requires a small mat. It is your choice how you want it.


It's more important to consider what you'll need from your exercise mat to enjoy your practice as you learn yoga. After your purchase, you should not think about what kind of mat is best for you, complain about the material, or get uncomfortable. So, you need to choose a yoga mat that is more specifically tailored to your needs, according to your favorite color. 

Since Robust Ltd is a reputable supplier of yoga equipment, you should visit the store for further products and recommendations. And to jump right into beginning your adventure with yoga right now.

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