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A3 Hardcover Sketchbook, 50 sheets in 180gsm, Acid-Free Papers for Dry and Wet Media

A3 Hardcover Sketchbook, 50 sheets in 180gsm, Acid-Free Papers for Dry and Wet Media

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Let’s introduce our A3 Hardcover Sketchbook which is the best choice for showing your creativity and artistic work. It is designed specifically to fulfill all needs of the artists and is perfect for work like drawing, sketching, and painting purposes with both wet and dry paints.

Our A3 sketchbook is designed with care and it has premium quality acid-free papers which ensures the long life of your work and preserves it for years. A perfect texture is provided by fine-tooth surfaces for dry purposes such as charcoal, colored pencils, and sketching works this allows you to create magnificent masterpieces easily.

What makes our sketchbook multipurpose for a lot of artistic techniques is that it supports light washes of inks and watercolors. Our sketchbook is an ideal choice if you are experimenting with multiple media or are creating paintings with hard drawing markers and pens.

Our A3 Hardcover Sketchbook, ideal for arts & crafts, features premium chipboard and durable binding to ensure your artwork is secure and protected. Designed for robustness and comfort, this sketchbook includes microperforated sheets for easy tearing, allowing you to remove and display your work effortlessly.

This sketchbook is the perfect gift for various occasions and is well-suited for enthusiasts, artists, and students alike. Order yours today and equip yourself with the tool you need to elevate your artistic endeavors to new heights.

A3 hardcover Sketchbook Features:

  • High-Quality papers
  • Supports dry and wet media
  • Micro-perforated sheets 
  • Heavy back binding
  • Durable Binding 
  • Available in 180gsm
  • Sheets: 50 Acid-free paper sheets
  • A3 Size: L x W=11.75x 16.5 inches

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  •  The order would be delivered through Cash-on-delivery (COD).
  • Shipping: No shipping charges on order over 100 AED❗❗.

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